VCAP/VCDX bootcamp review

Yesterday was spent at VMware’s UK offices in Frimley – not the easiest place to get to from the North of England, but the same goes for much of the tech corridor around the M3/M4.

The day was lead by John Arrasjid (@vxcd001) and Mostafa Khalil (@MostafaVMW), and consisted of presentations about preparing for the VCAP-DCA/CIA/DTA, the VCAP-DCD/CID/DTD, and the VCDX-DCV/Cloud/DT

Members of the audience had a relatively wide range of experience and backgrounds, Admins, Architects, those with just VCP, through to those about to defend their VCDX design submission.

The first presentation was on the VCAP administration track, and the volume of questions from the participants led to this running over time by about an hour and a half!

The second presentation on the VCAP design track was skipped through in about an hour, and was of more imminent relevance to me as it’s the next exam I need to prepare for.

A slightly extended lunch break followed, then it was on to the VCDX section. This was very eye-opening, and I guess the main thrust of the day. There were a lot of useful hints and tips for how to approach the certification, with plenty of suggestions about what *not* to do!

Much of the material that was covered is available on the web under the following links:

VCAP Administration Track

VCAP Design Part 1

VCAP Design Part 2


If you get the chance to attend the bootcamp, you should definitely go for it, and John made it clear how much difference it made to the success of VCDX defences with a number of statistics on pass rates.


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