CSC TechCom 2014 over.

I’m just about over the jet-lag from last week – 3 nights is too short for a trip to the US, I’d just got over the time difference there when I had to set off back!

I had an exhausting but enjoyable time overall – the Tuesday and Wednesday I was on the go from 7.30am until around midnight!

The Monday, I set off from home at 5.30am to drive to Manchester Airport. I’d allowed 90 min to get there, so that I would be checking in 3 hours before the flight. As you’d expect, this was way too much time, and because I was so early I passed through the normal traffic jam spot of Mottram without even stopping! Unheard of!

The flight was bang on time, and a good selection of films, along with my kindle loaded with VCAP5-DCD revision materials, helped the 8.5 hour flight to pass relatively painlessly.

Baggage claim and immigration were cleared quite quickly, then it was a short-ish journey on the MARTA system to the Hyatt Regency hotel.

A quick check-in and dropping bags off and it was time to meet folks and head to the first general session. I can’t really discuss the content of the sessions on here, but they were of a high standard, and covered business direction and technical matters.

After the general session we headed to the exhibitors area, and had a buffet meal, a drink or two, and toured the stands. I headed to bed about 9pm, having been up for 21 hours at that point. As it happened, the latest episode of “24” had just started, so I watched that and called it a night!


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