CSC TechCom 2014 over – ctd.

The Tuesday and Wednesday were long days. A general session about the current business strategy started things off, then we were into the breakout sessions. Again, I can’t really go into details, but they varied in relevance to me. Some of them were very good though and really interesting to hear the gospel from those who are developing the strategies and direction.

Vendor sessions followed in the late afternoon, and over the 2 days I attended ones from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. All were well delivered and interesting material.

The evenings I started off at the VMware stand in the Ignite zone (exhibitors stands). Food and drink was provided, some strange combinations were on offer, due to a loss in translation, the most notable example being fish and (potato) chips, rather than proper chips (what we call fries in the UK).

I was very lucky to be able to spend much of this time chatting to VCDX001 (John Arrasjid) about VMware certifications and primarily the VCDX process. He is a very knowledgeable chap and a great person to talk to.

The late evenings were spent at the VMware Hands On Labs area, where I was on hand to chat to people and assist with any queries on the labs.

A free bar followed the Thursday HOL, and a small number of tequila shots may have been consumed….

The Friday involved more general and breakout sessions, the talk on “Mapping” by Simon Wardley (CSC Leading Edge Forum) was outstanding, it was recorded (for viewing by CSC staff) but the recording unfortunately doesn’t do it justice.

Despite nearly an hours’ overrun, a few of us managed to visit a nearby shopping mall in the afternoon (Converse for $40 anyone? £45 in the UK!), then headed back to the airport for the long journey home.

If you’d asked me on the first day whether I thought it was worthwhile, I’d probably have said no, however the value of the sessions from Tuesday onwards, and the networking opportunities (how often do you get to have a face to face with colleagues on a different continent?) were immeasurable. Overall, it was a great experience, and inspiring.


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