PowerCLI adjust ResPool share values

One thing that Frank Denneman (@frankdenneman) regularly bangs on about is not using Resource Pools as folders. And with good reason – setting up resource pools without understanding the effect on performance can cause significant issues.

We we first started working with RPs in ESX 3.x, I was blissfully unaware of this, and we have quite a lot of RPs these days – we use them to group application instances for example.

This isn’t an issue generally, as there just isn’t the resource contention to cause share based rationing to be invoked. Having said that, if we did hit a level of contention, the default number of shares per RP probably wouldn’t give us the performance we were after.

Ideally, we need some way of setting the RP shares to a more sensible value, based on the number of vCPUs and amount of vRAM allocated to the VMs within. Enter PowerCLI, stage left…

$rps = get-cluster "Cluster Name" | get-resourcepool | where-object  {$_.Name -ne "Resources"}
foreach($rp in $rps) {
 $cpucount = 0
 $memcount = 0
 $vms = $rp | get-vm
 foreach ($vm in $vms) {
  $cpucount += $vm.numcpu * 1000
  $memcount += $vm.memorygb * 10240
 set-resourcepool $rp -numcpushares $cpucount -nummemshares $memcount

This will list all the RPs in a given cluster, count the vCPUs and vMEM assigned to the VMs in each, and set the CPU and Mem shares based on those numbers.


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