VCAP5-DCD exam

I travelled up to Leeds today for my first attempt on the VCAP5-DCD.

My last visit to Global Knowledge was for the VCAP5-DCA, and I’d intended to go up on the train, only to get to my local station to hear that the train I wanted had been cancelled. The next one would have arrived too late, so I had to high-tail it back home and jump in the car.

This time, I turned on the TV for the local news to announce that the M1 Northbound was closed near Barnsley, and would be shut for at least the next hour. I’d intended to get the train anyway, but this meant no fallback situation of driving, so I dashed to the station to get the half-hour earlier train, to give me a bit more scope for problems!

Being this early meant of course that there were no problems so I was at GK an hour before the exam start time! I had time for a little more revision, and a drink of water, plus my pre-exam banana (one of the hints I picked up from an exam blog).

Checking in to the exam took longer than usual – not sure why – but soon I was at the PC and going through the pre-exam survey.

Then on with the exam! I obviously can’t say much about it due to NDA, but my first 2 questions were the visio-style ones. Talk of a tough start! After a brief panic, I read the first one properly, and it seemed achievable, and so I continued.

About half-way through, I’d just about completed #3 or #4 of the visio-style questions and was giving all the objects a little wiggle to make sure things were connected properly when the PC froze up. After 30 secs or so it displayed the “A script on this page may be busy or may have stopped working” message, I clicked wait and then the screen updated again. Phew I thought, then it froze again. This time I also got “An application error has occurred”.


I put my hand up. No exam administrator running to my rescue.

I waved my arms around still nothing.

Eventually I knocked on the wall (I could hear them in the next room) and one of them came through. After about 10 mins I was up and running on another PC (apparently the camera system had frozen so it looked like we were all working away fine), but it had lost all the work on that question, so I had to repeat it.

I requested they contact VMware for extra time to make up for the lost time, and they did so (in the end I decided I didn’t need it, and would have had to stop so they could add the time. Was good to know that the option was there if I was running out of time though).

Anyway, the rest of the exam went without a hitch, although the multiple choice and drag&drop questions seemed to get harder, and I reached question 100 with 1h 15m remaining on the clock. I’m not one to go second guessing my self, so I just used the review page to make sure the first couple of visio-questions were intact, then hit the End Exam button.

I was delighted to see “Congratulations” on the page – I’ve no idea what else it said, as I was straight out of the room!


So next step is the VCDX, but before that I have a stag night, a wedding, a honeymoon, a family holiday. Probably won’t even remember what a VM is after all that!

Oh and I’ll try and get another post out soon about which resources I found most useful in preparation for the exam.


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