Personal news…

Hi all, thanks for all the kind comments I’ve received about the VCP-NV study guide. I will try and get a complete PDF uploaded somewhere for those who have asked about it.

More excitingly (for me anyway!) Mrs D and I have spawned a new instance (or have we forked our code base?)…  Yes, we have a baby boy, Wesley Albert, 3.3kg, born on Saturday 31st January.

They’re both home and doing fine, but it might be a little while before any regular postings are resumed!



2 thoughts on “Personal news…

  1. Congratulations Rich! Is he your first instance you’ve forked up? Sorry if that doesn’t sound quite right. Love your nerd humour 🙂

    I would have gone with a middle name starting with S so I could say to you Wesley “S” Dowling may become a Weapon of Sleep Deprivation?

    Enjoy and don’t mind the blog. It’ll still be here when you have time.



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