vSphere 6.0 training

I’ve been trying to spend some time recently, getting to grips with the recently released vSphere 6.0. I’ve set up a mini-lab, and had a little play with that – the biggest change for me this time was having to set up a linux VM to host DNS, as it’s recommended to set up forward and reverse DNS records for the hosts and vCenter (vCSA) before starting the install.

Looking around at what training is available, I’ll not be going on the vSphere: What’s New [5.5 to 6.0] course. There is a “taster” excerpt from this course available here (thanks to @MrCNeale for finding this)

There is also under the VMware Top Free Courses a VMware vSphere: What’s New [V6] Fundamentals course, I found this useful, and have created a transcript of it here for offline reading – I hope that’s ok with VMware. I recommend people watch the course, and just use it as a reference afterwards.

If you want to learn more, there is also the vSphere 6.0 Link-o-rama put together by Eric Siebert, a wealth of materials on all aspects of vSphere 6.0, however there’s no substitute for getting hands on, whether that’s in your own lab (where you can install from scratch) or on the VMware Hands On Labs


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