HP Insight Remote Support WBEM problem and resolution

So this post is a little off topic. I recently had to migrate an HP Business Critical “dial home” service from an HP SIM based install, to their new HP IRS 7.x. Mostly, this was because the HP SIM version was going obsolete at the beginning of next year.

The install of IRS itself is very simple, especially compared with the HP SIM based version which took a number of days to get set up correctly. However, getting it working and monitoring the servers wasn’t quite as straightforward as expected.

Issue #1 Windows Servers

The first problem I had was getting it to monitor the Windows servers via SNMP. Tracing through, there were a number of items which needed configuring:

  • IRS Server – SNMP Service not running. This is the default setting on our standard build. Ok set to Automatic and start.
  • IRS Server – SNMP Service config. Add the chosen community string to be accepted from the target servers
  • Target Servers – SNMP Service config. Add the chosen community string to be accepted from the IRS Server.
  • Target Servers – SNMP Serive config. Add the IRS server (and community string) as a trap destination
  • Target Servers – HP System Management Homepage. Change to use SNMP instead of WBEM as its data source

Once all that was in place, a test trap populated each server into the IRS console, and all was good. And yes, I know that this is pretty obvious, most of these I’d already done, but I’ve listed them all for completeness…

Issue #2 HP-UX Servers

On the HP-UX servers, SNMP wasn’t used, but a WBEM user was already created for the HP SIM based service, and this was going to be reused.

The servers added to the IRS console without any issue, however they would not register for WBEM alerts. After a lot of investigation between me and the Unix guys (who fortunately now sit very close to me after an office re-org!) we were still at a loss, so I had to raise a support call with HP.

The lady from HP was quickly on the case, and the cause was, as they say, a doozy. When you install IRS it apparently sets the WBEM registration URL, to ….. localhost. D’Oh!

The necessary commands to change this, assuming an IRS server IP of are (for WBEM and WMI respectively)

rsadmin config -set wbem.subscription.url=

This should respond:
GLOBAL wbem.subscription.url was https://localhost:7905/wbem =>


rsadmin config -set wmi.subscription.url=

This should respond:
GLOBAL wmi.subscription.url was https://localhost:7905/wmi =>

This cured the problem and I was able to create all the necessary WBEM subscriptions.


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